Monday, October 12, 2009


We have a new dog!!! A 4 month old black labrador. He arrived with the name of "Sooty" but I don't think that is suitable so I have changed it to Kurgan (Highlander movie reference). He is very rapidly proving himself and I am hoping we won't be going to the vet for stitches tomorrow. The girls are OK with him but Spook is somewhat upset (read: trying to do him over). Watch this space...

Later: We have met on neutral territory, sniffed and carried on at each other. Pup would like to play but Spook isn't quite ready yet.

Next day: Kurgan has survived 24 hours and so far he seems to be quite a good dog. He slept well last night in the laundry and played all morning with Spooky.  Lets see if he will sleep on the veranda tonight.

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