Monday, November 28, 2011

Mental Cloud Seeding

It's been very dry lately and we have to destock so the fence-jumping heifer & her calf are going into the butcher next week meaning it's time to empty the freezer. No one here wants the the monster fillet weighing around 8 to 10kg so once that slab has defrosted (this might take a few days) I'll carve, marinate, give it a light smoke and then dry it into jerky. Just thinking of doing this should turn the sky black with downpours to screw up the dehydration.

Ironically once the brindle bull went in due to drought, it rained a week later.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gob Smacking

Around midnight Kirk hopped out of bed and made a beeline for the kitchen sink. "Needs a drink" I thought. But no, he opened the cupboard and the next thing I heard was a long, continual stream of piss. He then headed back to bed completely unaware of what he'd done.... I can't wait for that 21st birthday party.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

As you do

I was reading the Icelandic Review, as you do, and became acquainted with Jonas Sigurdsson. He is definitely worth sharing. I have no idea what he is singing, but I don't particularly care.

I enjoy reading this journal because it is the environmental flipside to Australia with novel ideas and solutions. Remember the volcano that errupted? Iceland's answer to the tourism drop was, Inspired by Iceland, which invites tourists to join Icelanders in their favourite activity. Of course, I am a sucker for this because I love the Couchsurfing and Wwoofers networks which bring all manner of people to our door allowing me some measure of vicarious travel.   OMG! Trawling Inspired by Iceland there are so many things I would enjoy; hotpools, bedtime stories, walk with an Icelandic sheepdog, language lessons, bushtucker, turf houses, cooking, seals & farms...and swamp soccer.... How do I afford a ticket to Iceland?