Monday, May 31, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010


LOTE (Languages Other Than English) in this local area died at the end of 2009 primarily because no one valued it. I came across this quote last week from Mr Barnes regarding the remote bilingual policy;

"We want people to speak their home language for the first four hours but we want it predominantly done in English." 

Perhaps this makes sense in context but it is still a sad example of how people simply do not understand about learning, language and culture.

Ad hoc day

Today, I had a plan but ...first I realised Sean had a day off.
Then there was a call from Michelle, "Can you kill that chook please and can I use your kitchen?" (Of course!)
Next was a call from a grant applicant, "The president has blocked the application because he wasn't told about it." (Sigh...He wasn't here to tell.)
Then friends at the door, "Can you print some forms, please?" (Yep)
And then I forgot the time and am too late for my class tonight (bugger).
Oh well...the household is happy and content so that's enough.

Mind you, the chook is as tough as old Goldie Hawn but it's making a passable pilaff.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Budgie Budgie Yum Yum

No, not the Goodies. Tonight I stewed some rosellas for dessert (to be accompaied by coffee custard and lemon teacake) and Jorja wanted to know what they were. Being red, fleshy and apparently bleeding, I said they were budgie heads. Sean then turned to Kirk and reminded him to "spit out the skulls". Kirk enthused, "Budgie, budgie! Yum! Yum!" and proceeded to suck noisily upon them.

...I can't remember if she ate them....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cooler Weather

This week I experimented with jerky. The first batch was made with corned beef from the bull (too salty) and the second was a rump marinated in sweet soy (divine). I used the smoker very carefully for the flavour and finished it off in Rachel's dehydrator. This will not last long because it's very "more-ish". On Saturday I cooked all our meals for the week in it; roo meat, roo-snags, plain snags and a couple of chooks.

Tonight Sean and Kirk set fire to the bathtub. They reheated the snags and threw in some sweet potato and sweet dampers. I made some spinach pasta from scratch as an experiment and thought it was worth repeating.

Last Thursday night we stayed with Bob and Cissy at Coonarr. It was great fun. The next day Bob took us fishing but we never made it. I buried my car to the axles and had to dig it out by myself. That sucked but it was an adventure and a reminder to pack the car kit. Sigh...I carried that car kit for YEARS and a few months ago tossed it in the shed because I never used it. I think Sean is going to buy me a folding shovel for my birthday...which reminds me...THANKYOU everyone for your presents and calls.  I keep forgetting people's birthdays (even my own until the evening) but you all continue to remember mine! Please forgive my neglect and I hope my adoration of you all shows itself sufficiently in other ways.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Talking Sense At Last!

At last someone is talking sense about Naplan. Thankyou, Bernie, for this link.

While others are copping the non-sense :-(
I enjoy Razer's Rants.

The Skye Pokemon Stats

Permanent stats
Hit Points: invincible
Attack: engaging smile and fluttery eye lashes, escalating to blowing rasberries
Defense: wailing
Special Attack: hair grab
Special Defense: emission of evil yellow poo
Speed: 1 foot per minute - rolling/wriggling

In-battle stats
Evasion: back arch in extreme situations
Accuracy: projectile vomit - hits first time every time

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Family Footprints Challenge

My office asked me to do some photos for the Family Footprints Challenge which is a part of the Funky Futures Festival.  I was supposed to do our family but I neglected to recharge the camera before Sean just the kids.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Last year Dad brought up a smoker for me and I finally made the time to try it out. I made sweet soy spare ribs and plain smoked chicken. Shall try beef jerky next.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aunty Rene

Sean's Aunty Rene died on Thursday night. This really isn't my news to deliver but it explains where he is until Wednesday. The family is gathering in Toowoomba for her farewell.