Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cooler Weather

This week I experimented with jerky. The first batch was made with corned beef from the bull (too salty) and the second was a rump marinated in sweet soy (divine). I used the smoker very carefully for the flavour and finished it off in Rachel's dehydrator. This will not last long because it's very "more-ish". On Saturday I cooked all our meals for the week in it; roo meat, roo-snags, plain snags and a couple of chooks.

Tonight Sean and Kirk set fire to the bathtub. They reheated the snags and threw in some sweet potato and sweet dampers. I made some spinach pasta from scratch as an experiment and thought it was worth repeating.

Last Thursday night we stayed with Bob and Cissy at Coonarr. It was great fun. The next day Bob took us fishing but we never made it. I buried my car to the axles and had to dig it out by myself. That sucked but it was an adventure and a reminder to pack the car kit. Sigh...I carried that car kit for YEARS and a few months ago tossed it in the shed because I never used it. I think Sean is going to buy me a folding shovel for my birthday...which reminds me...THANKYOU everyone for your presents and calls.  I keep forgetting people's birthdays (even my own until the evening) but you all continue to remember mine! Please forgive my neglect and I hope my adoration of you all shows itself sufficiently in other ways.


  1. yes i have found making pasta to be very fulfilling but laborious -making my own ravioli was particularly good though they ended up to be larger parcels as time went on. Fettuccine was a challenge to drape. I'm having a second go at biscotti tonight. A very different recipe from the first, I saw this one on an Italian cooking show. Looking forward to trying the smoked stuff next time. B

  2. Do i get a sample after using my dehydrator lol

  3. Hey Bernie, I made the pasta in the blender so less labour.
    LOOOOVE biscotti - had lots of success with it.
    I use the smoker a LOT. It does such a good job. I smoked the dart the other night and they're just great. Must go fishing more often.
    Hey Rachel, Can I keep borrowing the dehydrator for a little longer? Please?