Monday, September 27, 2010

Thanks for Sharing

Yesterday, I cared for Rachel's animals while she is on holiday and for this minor service she allows me the eggs. I then visited Hylen who sent me off with tumeric and finger roots for planting. Finally I dropped in on Michelle who gave me wedgies and a couple of little hams to contribute to dinner with the family tonight.  Regularly I score lamb, eggs, citrus & tomatoes from Richard & Michelle, fresh fish from Bob, the very occasional batch of moonshine from Mickey, and at the markets excess produce is simply passed around. The Bureau of Statistics profiles this area as one of the poorest in Australia, but you'd never know it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ORGY! Right HERE! Right NOW! In my DAM!

The rain has inspired a thousand rana orgies and I can hear at least 6 species goin' for it.

Strangely the cane toads are not calling. Perhaps because I squashed 'em on the road tonight. Toad...road...there's definitely a poem to be written there...ok well maybe a revolting limerick.

And thinking of springtime orgies....the channel billed cuckoos have arrived. Their all-night trumpeting is more effective than any cock-a-crowing. Sean says he knows it is spring because the pretty-voiced brown honey eater starts throwing himself at the window. Twitter tweet tweet melodious whistle THUMP!

Gotta go - my own offspring is calling.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hunt The Horned One

The September Baronial was a success. Mostly. There are a few things to be worked out but mostly everyone went home happy. It looks like next year we will hold an all-archery event because we seem to have the ideal conditions. The archers ran an IKAK (standard bulls eye), a clout, a 3D hunt and a live shoot. Now we need to a debrief and write our own preparation manual to make next year a lot smoother and we need to find ways to make it LESS WORK!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Baronial Approaches

Preparations for the Baronial are speeding along:
  • long drops drilled
  • path flattened
  • tokens twisted
  • shopping list written
  • poo thrones constructed
  • marquees borrowed
  • grass mowed
  • archery field roped
  • monies taken
  • fire permits obtained (did my husband notify the world he loves me?)
  • Dad bringing 40L of homebrew
  • house clean
  • fridge booked
...and much more ...Time to go, friends from Goondiwindi have arrived. YAY!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kirk is home

Kirk returned from hospital this morning and his voice is different now he lacks tonsils and adenoids. Hopefully soon he will be able to hear us better too, once all the fluid has drained via the grommets.

The hospital has prescribed tons of painkiller, chips, chewing gum, icecream, custard, jelly etc... oh well... there have to be some compensations for having your throat ripped out.

Rachel, Alisha & co. also visited and gave him a remote controlled car. He is THRILLED - WOW! PRESENTS FOR BEING SICK! I think the batteries are going to have a very short life.