Friday, January 27, 2012

Thankyou Gambling Addicts!

DUDES!!!  I WIN - AGAIN!!!  I just scored $20,000 for a shed for SES, $5,000 for solar panels for the Curra Country Club and $32,000 for Blackbutt State School for pool heating. All courtesy the gambling fund.

SO! Over 2011 I brought in $300,000 for Wide Bay-Burnett community development.  I'm waiting on two more grants to be announced from last year and if I can score just ONE of then my hit rate will be 50%
 What would REALLY make my day would be to score the $1.5 million medical centre we applied or last year but we'll have to wait until May for that announcement.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Run like a muppet

A year or so ago I would exploit the innocence of my boy and say, "Show us yer nuts!" and he would put on a crazy act. This fell out of use for obvious reasons. However recently Kirk and I saw the latest muppet movie and noted how much Skye resembles them when she runs. So now our cue for "do silly stuff" is "RUN LIKE A MUPPET".  Gales of laughter guaranteed.

Dance with Wolves - Plays with Pigs

The Dutch are very into animal rights (but they still eat them) and are looking for ways to prevent boredom in mass farmed pigs. Some researchers are experimenting with computer games for pigs where they interact with people via a touch screen hooked to the internet.

Could you imagine kids playing this game and then being served porkl? "OMG! You're eating Clementine.  Booo Hoooo Hoooo!!!" or maybe it could go like this, "The damn pig beat me! Bahhahahaha! BUT I WILL HAVE THE LAST FORK!"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If you don't like the way I drive...

...stay off the pavement, and the out of the paddock and definitely don't go anywhere near the creek! Bob's Pajero ROCKS ...and tilts and spins and slides....  I wonder if I can keep it?

PS: Changed my mind! Drinks like Noah and its gearbox is just as shagged!

Monday, January 9, 2012


I walk the dinosaur....

Sean lent my car to friends while theirs is being repaired so I am driving Leo's* dinosaur - an automatic Ford Falcon GL Wagon. This morning pottering around town it started to overheat so I drove it VERY carefully to a mechanic. It seems there may be a blown gasket. Sigh.. it looks like another "interesting" week on the way.

Post Script: Bob is offering to loan his Pajero for the week - mmm...a serious time :-)

*Who is Leo? Algerian-French guy on a working visa. We met him via Isaac & he left his car & gear with us so he could travel light to Catherine for work. He must have struck gold because now he is in Fiji. 

Why I love Nat Geo

Nice Purse :-)
This was in National Geographic's favourite shots of December.  My first thought was, "What the hell is that purse doing there?" My next was, "Brave man!" At least he won't misplace his valuables.

Kirk & Friend

Ross took these photos of Kirk being very much  himself. 

"Distractable" is an understatement

Some people say, "Take time to stop and smell the flowers" but being easily distracted means I eat them instead.

Reading Cosmos magazine tonight has taken me on a really enjoyable journey... Their article on synaesthesia (sorry can't link as it is in the digital subscriber section) has prompted me to wonder if my friend who sees auras actually has an unusual form of synaesthesia? So possibly people are not actually putting out an aura - rather her synapses are cross wired and when she interprets their emotions it shows as a coloured field around the person.

And from there it was all tangential...Looking for support about this idea I came across the  Periodic Table of Swearing and then a blog about the benefits of being bilingual.  Apparently bilingualism makes you better able to apply theory of mind (guessing what other people are thinking, empathising etc...) and this gels well with my personal theory that ALL kids should be sent overseas after highschool for at least a year and this would stop all wars because it's very difficult to make war when 1/2 your population is shagging the enemy. (When you stop seeing people in 2D and understand they love their kids as much as you do it is impossible to make war on a population).

THEN on the same blog site I discovered the Navajo Indians' taboo of eating fish. This reminded me of an account I read over 20 years ago of an early Tasmanian explorer's encounter with an aboriginal woman when he was fishing (pub. date approx early 1900s). He offered her some fish but she expressed revulsion and rejected the offer. He concluded that native Tasmanians did not eat fish so I wondered if there was any confirmation of this in modern anthropology. Reading this article, The Polemics of Eating Fish in Tasmania, it looks like this question is still far from settled and there is a tousle over that the lack of evidence (ie lack of fishbones in the ancient middens) does not mean people are not eating fish however the subtext is about anthropologists quibbling over whether dropping fish from the menu represents a step back for their society having lost the knowledge of fishing or a fine tuning of their needs as richer fare was available for less effort. I speculate that the anthropologist's emotional-ethical pre-disposition towards the native people may affect which side of the issue they stand on. (At a stretch I could say that this phenomenon is similar to that issue of empathy & theory of mind attributed to bilinguals ;-)

I eventually regained my original track, and there were plenty of studies of the various types of synaesthesia but no studies supporting my idea about aura readers although someone beat me to the hypothesis and has suggested an emotional synaesthesia. I wonder how many aura readers would submit themselves to such a study and what would their conclusions be - those of the scientist and the subjects?

Post Script: While I was writing this post an old friend rang and raved on for a couple of hours. He was very drunk and in a very deep funk as his uncle died last week. Sigh...c'est la vie...