Saturday, November 27, 2010


This week I revisited my goals for Kirk's homeschooling. They were based on the EQ's Essential Learnings modified to suit Kirk and our lifestyle.  The good news is he is well above average in numeracy, science understanding and linguistic abilities (no surprises there). However his artistic, small motor and conventional literacy skills are just ordinary which reflects a lack of interest and disinclination towards risk taking rather than a lack of ability.  His visual literacy is pretty good so I am sure his interest in reading and writing will fire up soon.

His maturity has developed in some ways - he is better able to control his temper and is starting to understand his responsibilities as a brother. He has become aware of emotions and their outward expressions - he can deliberately act as he chooses.  His sense of humor has also expanded. He is "trying on" a lot of things to see if they are funny to the people around him but much of it is just seeking a chance to be silly which will be fine once he has figured out time and place.  Possibly the best thing about Kirk's maturity is he is appreciative. If someone gives him a present - no matter if it is small or old or cheap - he loves it and immediately uses it. In fact if something has been pre-loved he values it more, "My cousin gave me his shirts! WOW! Don't I look great in them?!"

Intellectually...he's a thinker. He fantasises and creates elaborate, macabre scenarios which he plays out with whatever is to hand.

Physically. He taught himself to ride a bike and we discovered he has a natural talent for discus. He enjoys swimming and improves by the month.  But...he runs like a confused chook and how his lanky legs get him to the finish line is a miracle. Have tried a couple of times to teach him karate when he has demanded I teach him to fight but he just doesn't have the focus, awareness or toughness to deal with being knocked around. I think we shall keep the enemy at a distance and stick with archery.

Enough. Onwards to the new year.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

You just know it

I was standing in Maccas tonight and a family walked through the door.
Ahhh... Homeschoolers, I thought. BINGO!

How? 5 young kids all close in age, no loud clothing labels, all well behaved.
The fact they are American helped too. Luckily Maccas had roped off a lot of the restaurant so they were forced to sit with me at the very big, clean table I chose. (Do I sound creepy?)

It was lovely to chat to them and I really hope they decide to buy in here because they would fit in so well. I gave them my contact details and will just keep my fingers crossed.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Last year the bull out lived his welcome and was put in the freezer. We thought this year the girls could have a spell from calving but recently I noticed a few of them looking suspiciously fat but I dismissed it with, "There's plenty of feed & that bull calf couldn't REACH 9 months ago." Two days ago Clarabell arrived with a newborn calf.  Where there's a will...Read "One Jumped Over The Moon"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Great Advertising

The Baby Whisperer

Dylan & Skye - 16th November

The Baby Whisperer is the ultimate baby tranquiliser.  Dylan has no expectations and no agenda. He isn't upset by their tantrums. He just sighs and does the job. Babies quickly realise there will be no gratification from their wailing and simply give in. Consequently Kirk worships Dylan and I am sure will dog his footsteps the minute he can snap my apron strings.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Relief for the Relief Teacher

Robyn finally returned from her sad duty and set me free. I am now resolved to learn the grade 11-12 chemistry in case she takes leave again.

Today poor Skye had her first day in a childcare centre. She cried when she was separated from Kirk and I think she must have cried for well over 1/2 an hour because when Rachel arrived for work, Skye was so relieved to see her, she fell asleep directly after eating. I am not sure if we will be doing that again.