Friday, October 16, 2009

One jumped over the moon

Actually the bull jumps over the fences, but he may as well jump over the moon for the time we spend chasing him. We share our herd of cattle with the neighbours and since Paul grew up on a dairy he, thankfully, does most of the does his bull :-) BUT the downside is I get the odd 10 pm call telling me he is eating someone's garden and I must retrieve him. If you have ever tried to round up a bull in the middle of the night on a dangerous road with high grass and rough terrain you will understand why I find this frustrating because cattle are very good at hiding.  Nevertheless, it is our own fault because we expect the cattle to forage hard during the winter and naturally the grass is greener...(where?) and it has been the driest year since we moved here. [In fact would you believe it is so dry the chipboard flooring has shrunk?]

Nevertheless, I had some success today; I solved the bucket-eating dog problem (Note punctuation. This means Spooky EATS buckets, not the other way around...although that could be an interesting scenario). I bought 3 metal buckets which I trust to withstand the jaws of destruction. Kurgen merely likes to paddle in his drink like all good water-dogs do.

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