Saturday, October 31, 2009

Best laid plans...

Bright and early Kirk jumped up, ran to the toilet and spewed. An hour later he is still heaving...and naturally he is in my bed - for some reason Mummy's bed is a better place to be sick.

Our plan today was a morning of markets and a swimming lesson, then spend the afternoon at McIllwraith State School's 75th Jubilee Fair topped with dinner and a  horse race at the Tirroan Social Club's Calcutta.

I clearly remember moving to the country to slow down but Gin Gin is busier than the Gold Coast. Last weekend there was the ESA Girls' Night In, Hockey Dinner, the mediaeval feast, Mt Perry Truck Pull and the markets were chokkas with stalls travelling to the Colliope monthly market. It may be a a small town but you never lack for entertainment once you have decided which of the 140 organisations you wish to join. It was once said you had to live in Gin Gin 20 years to enter the locals' clique but I have seen none of that. All you have to do here is join a club and your life will never be dull again!

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