Saturday, October 17, 2009

Good dog!

I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to own a retriever (or to be owned BY a retriever).  Kurgan is settling in and while there are still altercations between him and the other dogs it is more due to high puppy spirits and inherent cattle dog nastiness. I trust they will soon establish their pecking order...but  it may not last long because he will be a lot larger than any of them.

In the mean time, Kurgan is showing all the right labrador traits. He has a basic retrieve instinct, his mouth is very soft and he relinquishes whatever he has readily.  He offers his paw and can follow basic commands (although "Come!" could do with some work).  Also I am surprised how tranquil he is; content to follow me around the house and flop at my feet until I am ready to play with him. I shall definitely be putting some time into this pup.

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