Thursday, October 8, 2009

Captain Kirk

Kirk went for his second day at preschool and arrived home complaining the teachers would not allow him to read any books! This is hard to believe because Amy read him a pile of books on his first day. Maybe what he means is, "nobody had time to read any books to him", or perhaps it means, "I didn't ask anyone to read me a book". Oh well, some days you get what you want and some days you don't. He'll learn that in time. Nevertheless, we can read as many as he wants tomorrow because we will be home.

Later we visited Rachel for a cuppa and to play with her daughter Jorja. They are 6 months apart but she is a clever girl and they play really well together - SO WELL that Kirk invited her for a sleep over. This was very charming but I don't think Jorja is quite ready for a sleepover.

Anyway, as I sign off I offer a U-Tube video from a sand artist. Mmm...maybe kirk would enjoy doing some sand art tomorrow.

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