Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big girls, little boys and dogs.

Yesterday I attended "Girls in the MIST" (Maths IT Sciences & Technology) at CQU which provided a great smorgasboard of activities to give girls a taster of what they might do if they study sciences. The girls really enjoyed themselves and brought home a whole book of robotics activities.

Today has been quite a circus with a friend's car breaking down outside and us about to leave with dogs to visit the vet. No worries - we just pile everyone in the car and drop them all where they want to go. Finally we arrived at the vet and Spook got a check up and his annual vaccinations while Kurgan was microchipped and nutted.

After lunch Kirk made our day. He put on every pair of underpants he owns and waddled around telling what a fat bum he had. Before I could find the camera he declared all these undies were hurting his willy and proceeded to strip them a layer at a time telling me about the colour and pattern on each pair.

Days are never dull here.

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  1. Don't you just love the antics kids get up to! And Kirk has started chattering! Welcome to the world of mothers gone insane!! I'm sure I drove my mum insane at that age too!! And Riana is doing the same to me now. Now that I'm in the social work field, she expects her own private counselling session just before bed everynight!!lol