Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chrispy makes the news

Sean's younger brother, Chris, made the news by shooting a kangaroo (note article in quality reporting newspaper) I kid you not. Some twit states, "It only had a sore paw...It could have been saved." Oh please, wake up and smell the roadkill! Sean and I have hit about 10 animals this year between us. I THINK we have only killed three. One roo did about $7,000 worth in damage to Sean's car and did not stop to leave his insurance details, I ran over a 2m carpet snake last week (damn it) and the cat I hit... ummm... needed to be euthanaised with a black rubber doughnut (can't say I was sorry about that one).

Mind you, I appreciate when people remove their roadkill so as not to create a hazard to traffic and cause collateral scavenger deaths.  Thinking of roo roadkill about a few recipes.

Oh the fun we are going to have when Chrispy arrives next fortnight.

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