Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In the begining.....

...there was faceplant but it became too painful due to constant errors therefore I have decided to start a blog to give family and friends news when they want it instead of bothering them with emails. Generally I consider blogging self indulgent but for now it is handy and, at the very least, accessible.

Today brings significant news from my home: Venus is dead. She failed to greet me as I gazed across the yard this morning and was doing a terribly good impression of a "free cat". Spooky had finally caught the poor girl. Sigh. Oh well....the coffee trees are doing well this year.

Currently Sean is burning CDs for a class who will be producing radio plays. Most kids have never heard a radio play so Trevor will give them a few classes experiencing The Goons, Dad'n'Dave etc... I'm not sure the kids will get the jokes but at the very least they will enjoy the voices and sound effects. Yes, YOU might have understood it all way back then but the topics have changed since then and kids need to get the listening thing re-engaged. It will be interesting to see how well they understand what needs to be done to convey the action without the help of visuals. I am looking forward to the week we do sound effects :-)

Kirk had a good day, he shot off a few rounds of arrows, dictated a couple of postcards, he did NOT play with Spooky - rather he yelled at him a lot, and finally gave a lot of nonsensical information to Phil. Phil Wedel , welder & son to Donna & Paul, our neighbours, was here today to install new railings on the verandas [happy dance]. To see what Phil does on his time off go here: I'm not sure why he has a shotgun while fishing in the tinnie but as he says, "barra are a big fish". The giggling in the background is Micky, his youngest brother.

Right-o, goodnight all. When something interesting occurs I shall post again.

have fun


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