Saturday, October 10, 2009

Swimming lessons have begun!

Kirk is delighted to be back in the swim! Mind you it took him over half the lesson to remember what he learned last Autumn. We will go swimming on Wednesday together and hopefully next Saturday he will be quicker off the mark.

This week I will have to get creative with the fruit and veg. I had no time to visit the bank before swimming lessons so I intended to grab what I could with the $10 in my purse but lo-and-behold; Nora who has a brilliant garden wanted to leave the markets early so she gave me a bag full of lettuce and daikon. I LOVE daikon - Sean does not. many ways can I disguise daikon? Then to make this week even cheaper I watered Leverton's garden and harvested all the tommy tomatoes. We're doing well when you consider meat only costs us $2 per kg.

Sean today has repaired the down-pipe which was damaged by the bobcat. YAY!! Better still, he converted it to a clean, dry aerial pipe instead of a stagnant, froggified underground pipe. Admittedly we SHOULD also install a first flush system but that can wait.

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