Saturday, May 14, 2011

Went to the cupboard

A little out of the ordinary... I blended popping corn into polenta. Made pupusas from the masa lista. Made dipping crackers from the flour & 3 dips (yogurt & beetroot, guacamole, adzuki bean dip). Roseallas were cheap ($1 per kg) so I cooked them with honey & accompanied them with custard (AKA budgie heads and pus)

Shopping this week: milk, bread, meat, fruit & veg.

Remaining in cupboard (I forgot a few ingredients last week):
Sweets:  lemon butter
1/2 a can of beetroot, 1/4 box of cornflakes
Powdered:  formula, farax, 1 yogurt mix, bread flour, Indian corn flour, and semolina.
Beverages: sugar, coffee, teas, milo.
Dried: fruit, nuts, azuki beans, mung beans, mushrooms, bull kelp, seaweed sheets, slipmouth fish & squid, corn
Stock: fish & veg, mizo
Spices: still too many (figured out how to use powdered okra!)
Pickles: cucumber, ginger
Sauces: soy, BBQ, tomato, mirin, chili, Tabasco, wasabi, okonomi, kewpie mayonnaise, tom yum.
Baking: bicarb, gelatin, agar, vinegar, Parisian essence, peppermint essence, almond essence, food colourings, honey
Dairy: cheese, butter, milk
Meat: bacon, rump, chicken, kidneys formula....I wonder....

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