Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saving up for the ice age?

This region is suffering the biggest floods in recorded history and here in Gin Gin people are pretty understated about it. There's no need for dramatics, they just clean up. However there are some people who are panic-buying as if they can't live without bread and milk. What's the big deal? Do they lack creativity?

Just for the fun of it I went through my cupboards and considered what sort of menu I could create without milk, eggs, white flour & bread.  I haven't done any serious shopping for a few weeks and the markets were not on today but one would still think I was preparing for the armageddon. There are 3 full weeks worth of meals without repeating a dinner or going to the shops. The breakfast & lunch menus will have to be repeated once or twice. Let's see how far iget before the preparation time kills me. 

Notes: (1) I DO have a freezer full of dead cow (2) soup can be a meal for us (3) I have a garden although the rain has killed a fair bit of it (4) I buy huge bags of rice (5) there is still 4 cups of wholemeal flour [WM] (6) I make everything from scratch - including the rice dough.

Dinners: GF spag bog, WM pasta with pesto, soba noodles (buckwheat), corn tortillas with beans & salad, steak with quinoa salad, Thai curry beef, carne con menestra y arroz (BBQ beef with mushy lentils on rice), crab & scallop sushi, crab & scallop nabe (hotpot), crab salad, pea & corned beef soup, honey-soy-garlic stirfry, Tandoori beef,  cornish pasties, beef curry, marmelade beef, beef stew, corned beef, spring rolls, chuncky chowder, stuffed potatoes, stuffed pumpkin, vermicelli stiry fry, yogurt stroganov, steak, steak and MORE STEAK!  (If you don't like beef - don't visit.)

Lunches: wholemeal crackers with melted cheese, pumpkin soup, minestrone, polenta cake,  laksa, potato patties, noodle soup, tomato soup, mung bean soup, curry soup, vegie broth, bean soup, thai soup, beef broth, japanese seaweed soup, french onion soup, osembe, BBQ pumpkin, pumpkin pie.

Breakfasts: wheaties & honey, wholemeal/buckwheat crepes, bubble'n'squeak, fried rice, cheezy rice, cheezy rice cakes, museli, porridge, quinoa & berries, quinoa & dried fruit, quesadillas, fried tatties.

In Betweens: coconut jelly, rice pudding (no milk), sweet rice jelly, fruit jelly, dried fruit, nut mix, vege dips, fruit, date balls, apricot balls, caramel pop corn, peanut butter balls, malt & oat balls, lemon tarts, and finally.... DAIFUKU! 

...from scratch of course. I made the ingredients tonight and will see tomorrow if I can make them as well as Jenna Pollard can (and from whence I stole to photo ;-) 

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