Saturday, March 16, 2013


I moved the washing machine outside because the chipboard beneath it was beginning to rot. The washing basket is now stationed below the bathroom window and the clothes go directly out the window and usually into a basket below. There are a few advantages to this:
  • No clothes on the bathroom floor AROUND the washing basket being trodden on.
  • no heavy wet clothes baskets to lug down the stairs after washing
  • clothes don't go mouldy inside the basket because they're in a fresh air environment (this happens very quickly in summer
  • the outside hose fitting has a much higher flow rate so my time is also halved when filling the machine (remember I have twin tub and it needs to be manually filled)
  • When it rains we get a free rinse!
The ONE disadvantage is that we often miss the basket and the clothes end up on the mud. Today this clothing basket system popped up on Faceplant. Thank you to whoever posted this because aside from already having the parts - it is exactly what we need to collect & sort the clothes. Now...let's see what version we end up with - believe me - it won't look like THAT!


  1. Our house in Tweed had a laundry chute - it was in Dad's gun cupboard, remember?

  2. This sounds a great idea but where I live there are too many creepy crawlies outside to risk putting any washing outside. We have snakes, geckos, spiders, bugs, ants and more. We've had spiders ants and a couple of small snakes in the house and even a large water dragon (I have no idea how that one got in).

    1. We have all those too and when I first moved up here, on my first morning, I discovered I had boiled a frog in the kettle - AFTER I made my tea. So...boiling rhe kettle? Check for frogs. Turning on the washing machine? Check for frogs. Digging in the garden? Check for TOADS. It is lucky I like frogs!

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