Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dirty Little Secret

The neighbour across the valley swears he can hear a donkey braying and and his wife tells him, "The only donkey around here is YOU!" Yesterday, she dropped her computer in for repair and had to apologise to her husband.

OK - I'm out of the cupboard. I admit I own a donkey.

Horse owners roll their eyes and ask incredulously, "WHY would you buy a donkey?"
Another horse owner confided in a whisper, "I used to ride one as a kid."
Many implore, "What on earth will you do with it?"

Well...I suppose the simple answer is, I like them.
They are intelligent animals, with big personalities and their advantages over horses is they are small, hardy and low maintenance.

TODAY he decided that since the dog was allowed inside, he should be allowed too...
The dog was not impressed.


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