Thursday, December 9, 2010

White White Wi-i-ine

Sparkle for me-ee-ee
Helps me forget that I
Have just one more day to go-o-o

White White wi-i-iine
Stay close to me-e-e
Make them leave me alone
When the bell ri-i-ings

Tonight I am savoring the sensation of almost finality.

It has been a dreadful fortnight.
Skye, Kirk and I have been sick with the flu and croup and the miasma is lingering.
In the middle of it I had a pile of urgent work for BIEDO.
Then I had some assessment due for the my teaching registration but was unable to extend the date more than three days because crucial websites were going down for maintenance.
Then I had little jobs - things that mean something to other people. Like meetings, IT support, student nauseum...
Then the bills rolled, teaching rego, teachers' union, car rego, car service & maintenance.

It's that last class of the year.

I've got Baa Baa Black Sheep's 3 bags of wool.
I've got all the materials prepared.
I've got my professional patter down pat.
And...Tomorrow it ends and I will be free.

It tastes like a sparkling Cuvee....over ice.

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