Monday, December 20, 2010

Try something different

I love cooking almost as much as I love eating. To keep it  interesting I give myself challenges. They go in and out of fashion depending on employment. Some of these ideas started off as environmental ideas but they've grown on me and I simply enjoy the challenge now. Here are some of them.
  • Buy nothing for a fortnight.  I can manage a month but Sean gets jack of no bread and milk.
  • Eat local. Try to buy everything grown within a 300km radius.
  • Spend a month eating one nationality's cuisine.
  • Vegetarian
  • Minimal packaging.
  • Buy nothing I can't make myself. So I still have to buy cheese and and a few Asian products (miso paste, seaweed paper for sushi, rice paper for spring rolls) or leave them off the menu.
In the new year I'm planning to expand my ability to cater for allergies and food taboos. At each SCA event we cater for people with the following exclusions: seafood, pork, alcohol, lactose, gluten, salicylic acid, allium family, spice of any sort, mushrooms, caffine, chocolate, sugar (inc. fruit), high GI, fat & meat. In addition to this we need to make sure the food is from the time period of 600 to 1600.  Surprisingly, this is not too hard until we get to salycilate allergy, then things get very tricky.

I thought also I might try a week each of; one-pot cooking, BBQ only, Buddhist, paleo, 4 ingredients...

Does anyone have any more ideas for me?


  1. Freegan is possible. Vegan ...shudder.'re on! I'll have to research this one.