Friday, April 16, 2010

The outdoor room

You know how outdoor rooms and pergolas are currently all the rage? Those nice, airy, shady places with designer cushions casually scattered on expensive wicker furniture? Perhaps a Tabachi teppanyaki BBQ and a bronze, nude statue to draw attention towards the fountain playing over the artfully arranged Zen rocks?

Yeah? Well we got a shed. A F$%^&G BIG SHED stuck to the side of the house. Gin Gin is not a pretentious place and people appreciate practical things, possibly because many of them are owner builders. People, some I only know to say hello to, keep stopping me in the street and saying things like,"Hey, I saw the new shed - it looks great!". I'm not sure that Bourke's Backyard would appreciate it but I do. The house is cooler and now we have an outside place to spend our endless Qld summers.

My thanks to Manrex Industries (read: Phil) who designed and built it.

So who's up for  BBQ?

1 comment:

  1. Haha, i'll have to stick my head out the window on the way past tomorrow and have a look!