Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Caption This

Kerri James sent this picture and I thought it needed a new caption. Here is the conversation which ensued after I left for SCA tonight, in order of arrival in my mailbox.

Rob: Didn't the guy at the boat shop say to reverse the boat into the water?
Ross: As opposed to reversing the boat OUT of the water!
Michelle: Shouldn't the boat float once we get it in the water?
Michelle: Can't quite remember if we reverse it in or out of the water
Sean:  I _am_ tying it up!
Yep, the bung's still in!
Wrong end in tha watah, Papa!
Luckeeeee you're with AAMI
Cruise boat? What cruise boat?No, rabbit comes out the hole, round the tree then back in the hole. Or is that round the hole then back up the tree? Over the tree and down the hole? Damn, I'll never get this tied up...
Andrew: Wanted: woman who likes boating.  Send photo of boat.
Ross: Wanted: woman who likes swimming. Must have own lifejacket.
Sean: Wanted: woman who likes diving. Must have own insurance
Ross: newsflash – latest pictures of global warming
          really, officer, I’m launching my amphibious ute…

Kelly: Well, they're men, what do you expect?!?!
Ross: Wanted: Woman who owns DUKW, LARK or Schwimmwagen.  Send photo of vehicle.
          OK, I've tied up the boat... funny, the car's engine's flooded.
Sean:  How they launch boats in Atlantis.
Little Jim: He's fallen in the water!

It puts me in mind of Doug's Land Rover sailing adventure (bottom of the page)

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