Monday, February 20, 2012

The Month of Rejuvenation

This is turning into a month of rejuvenation. Not for myself unfortunately (far from) but for appliances. Earlier this month we involuntarily bought a freezer and a washing machine. This week the stove needs new parts (for god's sake it's only 16 years old!), the speakers on Kirk's computer died (damn, it's not like he uses them on full bore), and the mower needs the starter motor and fuel pump replaced (can you say "Lemon"?). It appears the whitegoods are revolting....  "Computer! I know your keyboard is starting to be faulty and you're getting slow in your old age but you know I love you very dearly, and want you to continue working indefinitely!" friend is selling a wood cooker...but I really don't want to light a fire every day...


  1. Really? A wood cooker? What kind? Condition??

  2. Want a keyboard? I've got at least half a dozen not being used, they all work, a couple don't have all the letters visible. I seem to wear them off at a great rate of knots.They will be going to the tip shortly so if you want working keyboards say so fast.

  3. Thanks mum, but I have a laptop and have already replaced the keyboard once. Considering its age I wonder if they are even available.

    Oh and did I mention Kirk dropped the camera and killed it too?!

    Cooking range: PERFECT condition, yellow & green enamel, not sure about the brand, looks about 1950s, VERY large. I have asked her to let me know when she sells it. (It's MINE MINE MINE!!!)