Saturday, October 1, 2011

Screwing Around With Pipes

Today Cate recounted an article on TV about an old Italian water diviner living in Victoria. Apparently he sticks a section of PVC on his penis and walks around the property until it points him towards the underground water source.

THE IMAGES IN MY HEAD ARE FRIGGIN' BRILLIANT. It took me a fair while to stop laughing...

The ensuing conversation with Sean;

T: So HOW did he develop his technique?
S: Men will stick their dicks in anything.
T: So what caused him to be wandering around outside with his penis stuck in a pipe?
S: Well, you've already got it in there...why not take it for a walk?

I suppose that pretty well sums up the male-logic side of things.

READERS: Feedlines please!

Investor: Maybe there's a market for those things in Papua New Guinea?
SCA member: Hell of a codpiece dude!

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  1. Native Americans clain to use their penis for dowsing...mmmm...for water?