Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not his namesake

Kirk claims to dislike pumpkin which is a pity because it grows exceptionately well in our garden! So to persuade him he really does like it I am embarking upon as many recipes as I can manage full of pumpkinny goodness (vision ideal 50's housewife brightly displaying unbelieveably perfect pumpkin).

If he still doesn't like pumpkin by the time I run out of recipes (I certainly won't run out of pumpkins!) then perhaps he will have at least resigned himself to eating them without protest (eat or starve - it's his choice).


  1. When Molly was about Kirk's age she wouldn't do eggs. To this day we eat 'cheesy pie' for quiche although now we laugh about it. She also makes it regularly herself as the quick and easy standby....and loves eggs benedict! While i appreciate porridge as an adult i clearly recall being forced to eat hard grey muck as a child - there were many porridge-free years in between ages 12 and 40!

  2. I must lack tastebuds because I can't think of any food I have rejected. Not enjoyed, yes, but never hated.

    Last week we had pumpkin pie, pumpkin loaf, pumpkin & peanut dip and all of it got the Kirk-o-meter thumbs-up so far.