Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here's your sign

You know all those jokes that go around about people who use their CD drive as a drink holder and their mouse on the screen...well I got a real one!  A friend complained to her husband that their old keyboard did not have the right connection for their new computer. It was a PS2 connector (a round one) and the PC needed a USB (a flat one). So her husband cut off the PS2 plug and rewired it with a USB plug. No, it didn't work. I didn't explain why...I just loaned her a compatible keyboard...Thinking: "Here's your sign"
(Sean is going to ask, "Which keyboard?"...YOURS! It's the ONLY ONE!)


  1. I seem to be collecting keyboards, six at the latest count with all sorts of connections and they all seem to work.

  2. Just make sure you keep two of each kind.

  3. Why? So you can breed them of course!