Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wanna see my stud?

Late last year I met a big red boy, with a physique any male would kill for. I salivated over the sight in front of me and decided I was in love. In 2012 I'll be watching him perform at Beef Week and hopefully soon I'll be able to afford a juicy, Brangus stud! Honey! He can come up and eat my turf any time!

But let us digress...
10-ish years ago I was driving with Sonoko, a Japanese friend, and pointed towards a white cow in the distance and said, "That's a Brahman!" She looked confused and relied, "Not sheep?" I was floored and stated "A Brahman is a type of cow."  Sonoko responded, "But sheep are white."

I chuckled over this for years until I arrived here and the shoe was suddenly on the other foot. Locals would ask me what sort of cattle had come with the property and I answered, "Brown". If they pressed the point I would say, "With white faces." And they would tell me with delight I had Herefords.

Nevertheless, for the next 6 years they remained "Meh! Just cattle." Until last September, while visiting Kristine Dingle's farm, she introduced me to the Brangus breed. No kidding I was gobsmacked at how beautiful these cattle were and I made a complete idiot of myself blabbing, "Oh my god! They look DELICIOUS!" I am sure she was completely unimpressed but I don't care - I WANT Brangus cattle and the more I learn about them, the more interested I become.

Suddenly I realised I was back in Asia. To start with everyone looked the same but after a month or so I was able to readily distinguish everyone properly. Now, living in Gin Gin you could say I am becoming more familiar with the locals....

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