Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Toy

Over the last few years I have bought some very expensive gadgets.

A fridge that is plumbed in and issues cold water and ice  - cubed and crushed - and it has a mini door for drinks so you don't have to open the fridge every time. People exclaimed that it was an expensive luxury but I don't care because it makes ice cubes! I adore mocktails, frapes, milkshakes & quick sorbets. Previously I owned a plethora of hand-me-downs which served me well and are continuing their lives as chemical storage, party fridges or have new owners.

A front-loading washing machine that is self heating and uses a mere 4 buckets of water (instead of 10). Since leaving home I have owned 3 twin tubs & 3 top loaders - all 2nd hand. My favourite was Annette's twin tub which was so powerful it frequently threw the clothes out of the wash tub. I also remember the twin tub in Japan which sat on the verandah. I used to save the rinse water to start the next wash. One winter's day, the cat, Arbuckle, attempted to jump onto the machine but fell into the washer because I'd left the lid off. He crashed through the layer of ice and into the water. (Giggle snort what a great image)

A Tefal Quick Cup to replace the kettle of poor design because water would splash onto the electrical connector and trip the safety switch.

And now I have bought a Thermomix. After the solar hot water system and the laptop it is THE most expensive toy I have bought. It looks like a blender but it can mix everything from bread to meringue in a fraction of the time. It can chop vegies or turn rice into flour. It can cook and stir a soup, steam a  basket of rice and a colander of vegies all at the same time. Oh and you can weigh everything as you add it and it has a timer and a clock. Over the last 18 years I have owned 3 stick blenders (all deceased), 2 milkshake makers (cracked and burnt out), 2 food processors (1 dead, one surviving...and onto it's 3rd replacement jug), 4 sets of scales (3 down, 1 to go), a food steamer, 2 rice makers and 4 kettles.  It has cleared a lot of the clutter on my kitchen benches and I dearly hope the money has been worth it because, you know what? If it breaks, I'm stuffed!

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