Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A few firsts

Oh dear, it's proud parent syndrome again. Yesterday Skye said her first distinct word, "Daddy" while looking at him. Now THAT'S the highway to Sean's heart! (Kirk's first word was "more").
 This morning she said her second contextually appropriate word while pulling my hair, "NO!" And then to top it off her nappy was dry in the morning and she used the potty.
These tiny little advances are pleasing me enormously because it means we can stop decoding the wails and my washing load is going to gradually decline. Why is this all so easy? Maybe she's planning to be the teenager from hell.

I found this over at Smacksy.   I love this blog, she does it so well  :-)

Postscript: Dry to midnight. Piddle in the potty. Fingers crossed she can have a full dry night.

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