Saturday, August 21, 2010


Once again I am doing relief days, weaning myself away from Skye. They are what I call "glass of water" days - nice, but so dull so you don't want another - because the teachers must plan for the possibility of the worst imaginable teacher arriving. Rarely do I have the opportunity of teaching anything more strenuous than the components of 3D shapes so I amuse myself fixing their computers or spending some personal time with the less motivated kids in my spare moments. However, teaching staff are always lovely and generally make me feel welcome.

At the end of the day, my welcome home is quite different.  Kirk's greeting is usually offhand being busy with his own activities but Skye greets me ravenously. I know she has been well fed and has not missed me but she only accepts breast milk direct and scrabbles under my shirt to latch on and fill her belly. What a difference a few years makes in kids. For one I am chopped liver, for the other you'd think I was the life source. Sigh...and now the small one calls my breasts hither!

Quick note: Skye is crawling and pulling herself up on furniture. She is very single minded about this and will use anything to assist her quest for the rarefied atmosphere .

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