Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hunting for Vegetarians

"The cruel bastards!" you think.  Nahh, it's hunting that vegetarians can do without hurting fellow life forms.  Archery can get dull always shooting bull's eyes, hay bales and silhouette so on Friday we collected a variety of 3D targets from Bushbow 3D Targets. A cat, bunny, fox, boar and a deer. Keith also loaned us a running goat and 2 flying pigs for the SCA September Baronial. However, it won't all be for gentle people. The event has been titled "Hunt the Horned One" and will include Steve, with antlers strapped to his head, running like buggery from the mass of archers who will be trying to shoot him. More on the event later.

Kids' report: Skye thankfully has had no more croup but still phlegmy and in pain. Not sure if it is a sore throat or gum but she has reverted to breastfeeding which is difficult now I am returning to work.

Kirk is very obviously in need of the grommets the ENT intends to insert on Tuesday. He is having difficulty hearing the fricatives. But apart from that he seems to be fairly happy and is learning quickly how to ride the bike.

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