Friday, June 4, 2010

A week

On Sunday I baked an oven full of yummies, Sean & co. seated some pipes into the creek as the start of a vehicle crossing for the September Baronial, and we did a little archery. Then spent the evening doing the eat, drink and carry on like wallies.
On Monday Dan finished the foothpath (YAY!), I sweated over grant writing and Jorja played with us & showed Kirk how to count to 100...or rather he sulked at a distance but, I discovered, very carefully took everything in.
On Tuesday we homeschooled, gardened and I started embroidering my Viking dress for Great Northern War. At SCA that evening  Ron gracefully accepted his new nickname, Papa Smurf.
On Wednesday Kirk counted to 100 - with only a little prompting... looks like I'll have to buy that trampoline sooner than I thought.  We gardened and reburied the dog (I DO wish Spook & Kurgen wouldn't keep digging into Jo's plot). In the evening I processed a 7kg rump into mince, steaks, skewers and stirfry.
On Thursday Kirk went to Mango Tree and I worked on grant searching and contacting 6 new clients. We visited Bob & Cissy in the afternoon and scored an eski full of fish (I doubt I will ever buy fish again if this keeps up), I attended the evening Auslan class and shopped afterwards for big yarn needles because the big convenient sack needle I had went missing.
On Friday Cate dropped in for coffee & chat and then Kirk & I went to the Gin Gin SHS's musical, Back to the 80s. After that we visited Mary & Brian for afternoon tea.
Busy Busy Busy!

See?! He's a dead ringer for Papa Smurf. Anita is making him a new fighting jacket in pretty blue.

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