Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great Northern War

Huge thanks to the organisers of Great Northern War. I enjoyed the very casual collegias and the full-on fighting which really does get better every year. Kirk was impressed with the trebuchets and I have promised we will make one - we'll start with a paper & card prototype before we move onto wood. GNW is growing as are the stalls and I bought an amber necklace which is significant because I have not bought an item of jewellery for over 10 years. Thanks also to Anna Rose who took me to the all-night-chemist-on-the-other-side-of-Brisbane - we have a gastro bug doing the rounds of Gin Gin! That buggered my Friday night (and hers) but fortunately drugs work well on me.

Afterwards we visited Gold Coast for a couple of days where I had my 2nd ever pedicure and once again had to apologise to the beautician for the feral state of my heels.  ("Look at mah sexy footsies" - NOT!)  I then introduced Rachel to the joy of sushi trains restaurants.  For me, sushi is the oral sublime.

Preparations for the September Baronial on this property are progressing - a bridge across the creek is forming and the archery range has been mowed.  It all takes time :-)

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  1. Pictures? I think I have the dreaded gastro bug in the house now, bleurgh.