Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sky's belly is getting better now I am sticking with just one breast per feed. She doesn't cry as much any more and we are both getting a better night's sleep. (Note that it is currently a quarter to 3 in the morning, I'm awake but she's asleep...Mmmm)

Kirk now has a blog, The Apprentice. The purpose is to keep people in touch with what he is doing for home schooling although we will just be posting the highlights. It's also for him to reflect on his own progress and experience different ways of communicating with the world. If anyone wants a full breakdown of skills and a program, let me know. Incidentally I am writing a program for a 14 year old home schooler who loves sailing, YAY! There is so much he can do which ties in with grade 9 benchmarks. By the way, Jessica Watson is a homeschooler too, imagine making a solo circumnavigation of the globe your culminating assessment!

My friend and I start an Auslan course tomorrow night but we've had a lot of rain so fingers crossed she will make it because there are 9 creek crossings between her place and mine.

PS Kirk's not scared of Rhino beetles any more. He chases Aunty Michelle with them instead.

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