Saturday, December 5, 2009


Last night I saw on the  road a dead echidna but there is something about them I really like so I hauled the car around and collected him. I did not want to see him mashed into the bitumen and I thought Kirk could have a close look as they are shy and nocturnal. Why do I like echidnas so much? They're very tough and strong for their size. They mind their own business yet have a very determined personality. Keeping an echidna is very difficult - I knew a wild life carer who discovered her fridge had been shifted across the floor by an escapee. And of course there is always Dad's story about a night out shooting when they discovered 2 echidnas having sex. He tells me the echidna penis is very long and is used with great caution (see NewScientist article). A pity the National Geographic video has been removed - I'm sure it would be very educational. Note also my grandfather, Gordon Cartwright, and the the local people regard gubbi gubbi as a delicacy - I am told it is fatty and a little like pork. Mmm...tempting. Nevertheless, this afternoon Sean buried him with Sammy so he will make great fertiliser for the coffee trees and bird of paradise.


  1. wow tam you never cese to amaze me lol ........cant believe another year is almost over ,where does the time go ,we have moved back to the gold coast living in upper coomera behind st stephens college,if your odwn at xmas let me know im know dylan and i would love to catch up with you all

  2. Hi, we will definitely down in June school holidays so I'll catch up with you then. Lots more news happening! How is Dylan? Working?