Monday, August 20, 2012

Not a Badger

We were down the back paddock walking the dogs when Spook found something very exciting. Kirk & I wandered over expecting it to be a snake but it was the echidna - again! Both dogs thought they would  have a nip but a snout full of spines changed their minds.

We have a lot of termite mounds on this property and I have noted over the last few years the echidna is gradually pulling them apart and vacating their residents. During a Wildcare course many years ago I heard of a bloke who was looking after an echidna.  Naturally it burrowed out of its box but then it pushed the fridge out of the way to rip a hole through the floor to get out.

It could almost be a Goodies sketch: Bill dressed as pest control man turns up at a suburban home and unloads a box of echidnas which set to work eliminating all the termites. He nods confidently to the bemused family and they appreciate the method, until the echidnas start to pull the place apart. His confidence turns to panic as he realises how strong and determined they are. Final frame is the family in the shredded house looking like the aftermath of Cyclone Tracy.

If I am reincarnated...I want to come back as an echidna with road sense. Do what I want, go where I want and no one capable of bothering me.

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