Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'll say it again

It's the wee hours and I have finally dragged myself away from the child to get some work done - but of course I am procrastinating (BIG grant with VERY short time frame). Just as I left Bundy Skye proceeded to wail, and wail and wail! She had an ear ache which come on very suddenly. I warmed her up in the shower, plugged her with panadol and stuck her to bed but she was still unhappy. So Sean put on "Sheepies" (Sean the Sheep) and the pain stopped. Ahh the miracles of popular media. It's amazing. Kirk can be screaming his lungs out having ripped off a leg (well you'd think that is what happened) but I just clean him up and turn a video on - instant pain killer. Maybe they should put televisions in labour wards?

1 comment:

  1. Inherited complaint from you.
    you frequently had ear infections as a young kid.