Saturday, December 3, 2011

With Macca on a Sunday Mornin'

 The Adaptive Curmudgeon on the other side of the Pacific has made a list of those little freedoms which have escaped the the country's cotton wool policies. This list reminded me of Sean's sister, Kath, who was interviewing Gin Gin people about their recreations for her PhD thesis. She asked a bloke why he lived here, and he replied something to the effect, "Because in the city I couldn't sit here, in my car, at a skate park and have a few beers. The police would hound me off but here they just leave me alone because I'm not causing any harm."

Moving to the country might be founded in sticky sentiment like that expressed by the listeners of Australia All Over but the reality is it offers freedoms not available to people in the cities. Many Gin Gin-ites are here to enjoy those little freedoms which mainstream Australia only looks fearfully at from the corners of half-closed eyes. This district abounds with nudists, brewers, guerrilla gardeners, housework sloths, pig hunters, eccentrics, owner-builders, agricultural & self sufficiency experimentalists, pet lovers, addicts, big families, impoverished people, homeschoolers, back yard mechanics and a million other types of people whose activities are not illegal but are definitely marginalised.

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