Saturday, August 13, 2011

My First Night WITHOUT Kids

I have a huge grant full of stats to write so tonight I palmed the kids on Michelle (she OFFERED!)
Around 10:30pm I recieved this email;

"Your little piggies are full of sketti and sound asleep :)  Sharing a bed with Skye is like 3 rounds with Mike Tyson that or an enormous grasshopper under the covers!!! I have them in bed with me - using Kirk as a barrier so she doesn't fall out! hahaha!! Haruka is still at Marnie's so Richard has bailed out to her bed and the boys have all breathed a sigh of relief to know they don't have to share their beds with any 'little people'. So everyone should get a good night sleep - except me!!"
Later she wrote, "More like George Foreman AND his roasting grill!!!"

I wonder if she will offer to take them again?

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