Sunday, March 21, 2010


The month invokes the verb and suddenly Gin Gin wakes from its summer stupor and goes social! ESA held their cancer fundraiser. Tanya Sinden of the Boolboonda Tunnel Hall organised a quiz night because she's entering the Lions Medical Research Foundation Personality Quest. Multicultural Group celebrated Harmony Day with a huge dinner [YUM!] and the Chamber of Commerce ALMOST held the Gateway Festival (cancelled due to cyclone).

The theme for the Cancer Fundraiser was Masquerade and a few people came in masks and costumes. I went as the Bag Fairy who fills your kitchen cupboards with plastic shopping bags. I sewed an enormous skirt with ruffles from plastic bags and pinned a couple of sections of silver reflective tubing on my back for wings. The entertainment was provided by the highschool and the drama students were particularly dramatic with their black-light story-dance to Queen's Bohemian RaphsodyNote to self: bring a LARGE crate of wine next time - the ladies at the next table were having more fun than us.

The Harmony Day dinner was impressive. A Rwandan massacre survivor spoke on the importance of peace followed by music, entertainment, costumes and FOOOOOD - lots of it. Huge thanks to Nora Reeve who organised it - she even managed to pull the regional mayor. Sean, Issac and Jayson [Sankofa Band] played that night and were the best they have ever been. As a result they have been asked to do a recording for the Rwandan massacre survivors. Then I met Baya, an Indonesian, whose husband manages a scallop hatchery at Burnett Heads who seems also be doing research with James Cook Uni. Mmmm...I wonder if they want someone as a quality assessor?

Next weekend Bernie and Sean's mum arrive - let the festivities continue!

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  1. It is not really a quick march, then, for an international like you.

    For a moment, and because heading was obscured in Facebook, I thought that Gin Gin was the verb. I suppose with a name like that it could be both a verb and a noun all at the same
    time(s)... may be a stutter?