Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Like mother like son?

My mum was amused by Kirk trying to keep the dummy in Skye's mouth to prevent her crying because I did the same thing. The first picture is me pulling Michelle's dummy out just to hear her cry. The second is stuffing the dummy back in her mouth for obvious reasons. What fun! I'm not sure if Mum agreed.

Today Skye had her first check up at the Gin Gin hospital. She was born 2.650kg, on leaving the hospital she weighed 2.425kg and today she is 2.888kg. That's almost a couple of steaks. Mmm...maybe I DID score as least one thing in genetic roulette.

Weather-wise, the dams have never been so full which in one way is great. In another it means there is no vegetation slowing and soaking up the run off.


  1. Nothing's changed!!!

  2. omg look how cheeky you were look at that enormous infectious grin lol

  3. ahhh the lot of the oldest child, sorting those siblings/playthings out! such fun. best to learn early that they don't always do what is the most sensible thing in spite of your insisting - what were they thinking?